Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well we have certainly reached where we are heading, The state of affairs in This place we call home,(Trinidad and Tobago) has deteriorated so badly that people now resort to kidnapping little girls and boys and murdering them.
Little Tecia Henry went out on an errand for her mother on Saturday morning and never returned, they found her this morning stuffed under a house in the area where lived and played. when i heard that they found her dead i felt sick in my stomach, as i write this i am trying desperately to hold back the tears, You see i have seen little Tecia many times where she attended school, my three daughters attended that school also, i believe they were friends. As a father my heart go out to her family and the ones that disappeared without a trace There was little Hope Arismandes Leah Lamy ond others that i just dont remember. we need to do something about this new trend of crime that is gripping this nation. someone pray for us.

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