Thursday, November 24, 2011


This blog post serves to shed a bit of light on how to use Wifi file transfer without going to your computer.


On your PlayBook you will need aVNC from AiFlex.

On your computer you will need tightVNC installed.

1. Connect your PlayBook to your pc using aVNC and tightVNC, your desktop should now be visible on the PlayBook.

2. From your PlayBook, open the my computer and enter your PlayBook's ip address into the address bar \\******** and hit return now you're connected to your tablet by wifi without going to your your computer

3. Navigate to the media folder of your choice on the tablet, open the folder on your computer that contain the files to be transferred.

4. Select file by tapping on it once and holding it down by keeping your finger on the PlayBook's screen, without lifting finger off, drag the file across to the PlayBook's media folder, you should see the copying file box comeup.

You have just copied a file from your PC to your PlayBook without going to your physical machine.
Dexter Harroo

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Black Gift.

I know I'm a bit late with this but here goes.
As promised RIM has started rolling out free premium apps to users in showing their gratitude to the millions of users that was affected during the blackout last week.

The first and only app for now is the app that reads and responds to your text messages, emails and twitter messages using voice recognition, its has proven to be an interesting application that drains your battery.

With that said, it leaves me wondering if RIM will release any useful apps that are keepers or they will use the opportunity to do spring cleaning in the fall by offering us stuff for free that wouldn't sell because people see them as useless?

But I still would like to say thank you to RIM's management for having the forsight and "testicular fortitude" to have taken the decision to compensate users for loss of use (like a good insurance company) they paid out to you for damages and in turn you renew your premiums by sticking with them.

From the beginning of the blackout I wondered if they would make such a gesture, I even discussed it with my good friend @79stanger who's only concern at the time was getting back full service from RIM.

Even though I pondered about it many times, if they didn't opt to compensate I will still and always be pro BlackBerry, but they did and in doing so made alot of peoples Day.

Thank you to the RIM team!
Dexter Harroo

Another useless app!

Well, They're at it again, why would S4BB build an app that has no apparent use to the BlackBerry community?

Last night I think it was they relesed WifiMonitor and it was free so being the enthusiast that I am I sped over to appworld and downloaded it but I took the opportunity to browse appworld so I didn't test the app until this morning.

The first thing I realized is that the app don't do anything for you that your BlackBerry already does, which is tell you what wifi network you're connected to, the band you're on and the channel, it doesn't tell you the security type your device is using to connect to the router.

So I remembered having SmartWifi installed on my device also made by S4BB, it was now comparison time unlike wifiMonitor,' smartwifi connects you to a hotspot when in range and activates the wifi interface when in range and deactivates it when out of coverage, thus helping to maintain longer battery life.
On closer examination it was evident that smartwifi was Dissected and the loging parts and wifi identification was used to build the waste of time to download and energy to use, so from me they get a *thumbs down* for that creation, I guess that's why its free!

One thing that got me about the app and I'm beginning to believe that is their selling point for it, there is a voice thet comes up when you get connected/disconnected that says, "Connected/Disconnected wifi has" in a *yoda voice* It almost scared me out of my skin when I heard it didn't realize it came from my phone, then I was rotflmao, so they get almost *a thumbs up* for that so for now i'll be keeping it just to hear the Great yoda's. Give it a try you can find it here:

Leave a comment and let me know what you think if I'm over reacting.
Dexter Harroo

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The BlackBerry BlackOut.

It was happening for a couple weeks now, but only intermittently, people were satisfied; still we lived with the intermittent service and continued to love our BlackBerry.

On Monday it worsened and by Tuesday it was an epidemic of worldwide proportions it reminded me of the recent movie Contaigon,
everyone you spoke to was affected in some way or the other.

People were complaining on all the social networks from FaceBook to Twitter to the struggling Google+, Iphone and Android users were making fun of us BlackBerry users.

It was a difficult time for many, especially the BES/Corporate users but the crackberry addicts like myself on BIS, was going through withdrawal, you would take out your device and look at it ten times in two minutes. You were missing something, the Alert/Notification you longed to hear or feel the vibration from your BB.

It was like Music to my ear and light to my eyes when I heard the Alert and looked and saw the message on BBM or an Email even a Tweet from my UberSocial App.

It was also funny to see some of the people that are always complaining about getting Broadcast,even they were sending them out, asking silly questions, "am I getting through"! There was also the now infamous, "Send these random numbers to all your contacts and your BB will update" or the famous message from RIM that they ask you to forward so your contacts won't disappear, FOOL if the servers are overloaded Why would RIM tell everyone to spamm a message? Silly Kids! It got so bad that RIM had to write aboiut it on one of their websites
Link here:

I've said all that which brings me to the question; Can you live without your BlackBerry? Let me be the first to answer that.
No I can't live without my BlackBerry, I can't do without any of the services that the friendly Folks @ RIM offer through my Device. I'll even go further and say that a lot of y'all can't live without your BlackBerry Device!
With that said, allow me to introduce myself.
HI, My Name is Dexter and I'm a Berryholic.
Dexter Harroo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How big is your friend circle?

We all have friends, some of us have them in the thousands, but how many of them are really people we interact with?

My friend circle is fairly big it includes msn messenger friends, yahoo messenger friends, Wayn friends twitter friends, google talk friends Facebook friends, BlackBerry messenger friends and real life personal friends, I must say that people from some of these social network sites have made their way into my personal friends category.

Most of these people I have met online apart from the circle of work friends, that I forgot to mention earlier and personal friends, my msn yahoo,Wayn BBM friends etc, are people that I have never met or interacted with physically, is that what friendship has become?

We have people on our Facebook pages that we went to school with, but at school you never spoke in some cases you fought with each other, but for some reason they show up on your friends list, messaging you about the good times you all had at school, are they really trying to connect with you, or are they just glad to see a familiar face on the book?

When I'm going about my business daily I bump into folks that I haven't seen in ages and the way they react and greet you its as though they found a long lost family or friend, when in reality you're neither to them! But for some reason they reach out to you.

So when you minus the people who are acquaintances, minus the cyber friends save the ones that has really made an impact on your life, minus the family that you add as friends on the social networks, eliminate the coworkers you have on your BBM and filter your msn and yahoo messenger list unfollow the unknown on twitter what do you remain with? In my case a few good people that I have come to love and I'm proud to call them my friends!
Friendship is nothing that happens overnight it grows with time and needs alot of nurturing just like any relationship, what I'm getting at is we sometimes come into contact with people and the next thing were saying is they're our friend but really they are our acquaintances! Why are we so obsessed with friendships and always feel the need to have a big circle of friends? I leave that for the scientists to answer, but whatever the obsession, don't matter how many people are in your circle always remember you were born alone you go to sleep alone and you'd die alone no friends.

"If the people you find yourself hanging out with are the same people you work with you need to check yourself, you haven't got a life".
Dexter Harroo

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Its the beginning of the summer vacation here in Trinidad & Tobago an I couldn't help but wonder what the kids between ages 12-17 are doing for this two month period, what caused to wonder, you see I was on my way to work and on passing through a particular area I noticed alot of the young people from the neighborhood just sitting there on street corners and to the front of homes as if there was nothing to do.

As I drove I couldn't help but think back to the days of my youth when school was out for the summer vacation, a feeling of nostalgia overwhelmed me and I longed to be on summer vacation like the school kids so I could go do the things that we did back when we were little, but as I reminisced on what was, reality crept back in slowly and brought me to the realization that; Gone are the days.
Gone are the days when children went to the mango fields when off from school, the mango trees are no longer there, they have given way to houses.
Gone are the days when boys and girls went to the cane fields in search of the premium breed sugar canes or as we called it experimental, the cane field lay empty and barren from over planting and harvesting some of the plots are now laid with duplexes and condominiums.
Gone are the days when teenage boys would go to the citrus fields with bags on their backs to harvest oranges, grapefruit and Portugal to sell to make enough money to go see a movie, the citrus field no longer exist, the place where it used to be is now a gated community or a controlled environment.
Gone are those days when we raided the cashew fields and made chow or wines with the cashew fruit and roasted or baked the cashew nuts, even play a game of marbles against one another for the cashew nuts before roasting them, the cashew fields are now filled with Million dollar houses.
The chennette trees, the almond trees the tonkabean trees and the coconut trees are nowhere to be found all taken over by industrial estates.

Therein lies the woes of the activity or inactivity of this country's young ones.
Gone are the days when the guys would come out on evenings and play Small goal soccer/football the void is now filled with football/soccer on the Playstation2/3.
Gone are the days when cricket would be played in the community savanna or roadways, that time is now utilized playing Brian Lara cricket on play station or XBox.
Gone are the days when the boys would play the girls a game of rounders and lose to them just to make them feel good, this time is now spent on the computer visiting social network sites like Facebook and the likes of twitter.
Gone are the days when a good river lime was enjoyed by all, the rivers are now polluted with chemicals and filth.
Gone are the days when races were run in the street every evening now it seems like everyone has a Wii.
Gone are the days when you'd leave your neighborhood and go to another to see what your friend was up too, these neighborhoods are now patrolled by armed gangsters.

Its sad to look back at those days and say they were good days, kids should be able to say these are good days, but who know, my days was good they will probably think the same when they are older and look back at live then to their now and say Gone are those days.
Dexter Harroo

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

8 Questions shrinks ask.

If y'all will be so kind as to answer some of these questions for me please, the ones you're comfortable with!

1. Have you ever killed before?

2. Have you ever taught about killing before?

3. Have you ever wounded anyone? If yes with what and why, male or female?

4. Have you ever taken any type of addictive substances, including pres and non pres drugs?

5. Were you ever abused as a child? If yes by whom?

6. Do you hear voices in your head? If yes what do they say to you?

7, do you find yourself waking up at early hours of the morning sweating profusely and stare at the wall for hours?

8. What do you fantasize most about doing?

Dexter Harroo

The fight/she beat them down

She's a beautiful woman! Tall, thick in size not fat well rounded bumper small waist, to put it in a nutshell, she had the coca cola bottle shape with a beautiful face! The kind of woman that any man wouldn't think twice about making his mate, by looking at her you'd never know she was the mother of four kids, but she had a wicked temper, that of some creature from the abyss and the mannerisms of a heard of un-domesticated swines.

Everything was normal on this particular Friday night, the kids were finishing up their chores, the step dad was watching television and the mum was checking over all that the kids was supposed to have already done when she noticed that one of the kids didn't do something that was to be done, even though she had Claim to have done it. The pleasant humming stopped and you heard a bellowing call to the offending child, "Tia"!! The child was frantic, in her mind she was saying: "oh no I've been busted", yes mum I'm coming she answered and what happened after that Could've sold a million in the box office.

She grabbed the child and gave her a whooping/sweet cut ass in Trinidad parlance, but the child was a dramatist! just like her mother, she wouldn't stop screaming even after the whooping had stopped for like ten minutes before, she was looking for an audience and she had gotten it. You see there was other tenants that shared the compound and one was the step dads uncle, everyone affectionately called him uncle S. He came around storming from his apartment with a shovel in hand, "why the hell you beating that child like that?" he shouted to the mother, you better stay out of my business when I'm disciplining my kids, he made a mistake to his demise, he lifted the shovel as if to hit the mother.

She launched at him with the precision, strength and ferocity of a Lioness protecting her cub and he was down she took him up and put him down again this happened for approximately four times, all the while he's crying can somebody help me please! The call was heard by his nephew who taught he was coming to his uncles aid but was met by an angry wild beast, it was as though she sensed him coming and turned with the agility of the wild beast of which she transformed into whenever she was angry or felt threatened, she put uncle S in a head lock you could hear his neck crack, threw him to the ground and leaped forward greeting her lover in mid air with an open palm to the face, he was floored, she stood over them and uttered unintelligible words as if to say I told you never interfere when I'm correcting my kids!

The cops came two hours after, everyone gave their account of what had happened to the police, the investigating officers couldn't help but laugh at the incident asking the two men repeatedly as if to make fun at them, so what did she do to you? Then informed them that there was nothing that they could do but if they wished they could bring civil charges against her, then they left and the feuding parties went back to being one big happy family,' as though nothing ever happened.

Women and their mouths

Women always say that men are too secretive and don't confide in them, but there is a reason for this. Y'all talk too much!

I'm not bashing the ladies I love you all to death (wifey I love you ☺ ) but there are things I just can't share with you ladies and won't ask of you.

For instance if I tell one of my male friends something in confidence, it stays between us, tell the same thing to a woman and she tells one of her female friends in confidence and her friend does the same thing and so it will go until it reaches right back to you! By that time it a totally different story.

Women have conversations that lasts for ever and changes from topic to topic, of totally unrelated stuff, ask a woman one question about her hairdresser and you get her life story the hairdressers life story and the life stories of people totally unrelated to what you asked! Yes women's strength is their mouth their weakness is their mouth too.

Reminds me of a little joke I heard, if you want to get a message around you have three options,
1) telegram
2) telephone
3) tell a woman
The latter being the most effective! Ever noticed that when you call 911 who answers the phones or call directory assistance or customer service for some company? Yes the answer is women you already know why, or do I need to say it?

Women have come to the realization that they talk alot or too much, my wife came home from picking our son up from school one day in last week, when I saw her she looked confused, I inquired as to what was the matter, she went on to tell me that she is hearing herself talking, I had to get one in quickly, I told her that was the effect of talking too much and she agreed, I was astounded.
She went on to tell me that she gave one of the parents a lift from the school to a more central location and within the 5 minutes that it took she managed to tell her life story, give a summation on the school and upset her passenger.

The question was: "what do you think of the school?" and that was it she went on about where her husband worked, where our son was supposed to attend school, why he was attending that school and what he accomplished for the three months he have been attending the school, guess what? She wound up putting her foot in her mouth. So the lady ended up leaving upset and my wife realized that she talks too much, all the while she taught the parent wanted to hear these things and she probably wanted but she couldn't handle it and wound up getting her feelings hurt.

Ladies remember if you're asked for your opinion, keep it simple, short and sweet and to the point.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Hustlers Hustle

Another day another dollar and today a big one too, probably yens were on their mind, well maybe they was using their minds too much on that day, for the wrong reasons, they wanted to hustle the hustler.

I was wearing my xray vision street smart shades and I could see right through them as I spoke with them, "how can we help you? They asked? To which I replied I needed those things changed as I pointed to the items" everyone involved eyes lit up and they started communicating with their eyes to each other and to me, they didn't realize I knew the language I was a hustler too! But I wouldn't let them know at least not yet.

So the operation started and they were jovial, it was as though Christmas or Carnival was a day or so away, everyone was running around with impact tools, trolley jacks and the new items that were to be used. I went over and talked with them "these haven't been changed in two to three years, the reply was yes they need to be least you have an accident" they were rubbing it in going in for the kill,it was spectacular to look at, everyone working in sync and in harmony and I with my illtimed self spoilt it for me and for them, it was just the street in me reacting to what I saw through my street smart xray vision shades, they were trying to hustle me!

These guys were good and they were smooth with it, they were taking the stuff that they changed and putting in special little place.
These goods were almost new so they coveted them if it was the other way around they'd tell me I'd have to pay for disposal or take them with me. I stepped to the front of the building to smoke me a cigarette and on my way back to the waiting area I spoke to them in a gentle voice "will it be possible to put those things near to my vehicle? It will be easier to load." you're taking them"? that was the booming reply from one of the Reps I Said yes I had too you see I can't pay to have them disposed of so i'll do it myself, no it's quite all right we will do it for you, its ok I got this! was my reply.

The place turned dark, the sparkle from ther eyes faded the glow on their faces was gone the bounce in their steps turned into a dragging of feet and the work to be done though almost done was nearly abandoned. One worker remained working on it and he appeared to be new, it had all gone downhill for me something that was supposed to take half hour was now taking an hour more to complete, just because the greed in them tried to hustle the hustler.

With all that I saw or at least think I could see through the imiginary lenses of my street smart xray vision shades, I didn't see that they had called someone and made arrangements to sell the replaced items, when the lone worker was in the process of finishing off the last one up comes a guy with equipment carrying the same specifications as mines, he was jovial and bouncy, just as they were earlier on but his mood soon changed too, it changed to one of dismay, one of the workers approached me and asked: "so you're really taking the old ones with you?" yes I had too I told him the auditor had to see them and he left. The owner of the similiar equipment came and sat right next to me and a conversation ensued, about the equipment and their repair Then he left I signed my bill soon after and left.
On my way to my office I saw the guy again and we talked again, this time we talked about a transaction to buy the item that I had and he wanted, we came to an amicable agreement and made the exchange cash for me used items for him. He told me that it was better than what he usually gots for the same price, for me it was the best price I got for that quality item. The guys in the shop was left in the cold I ended up with their customer and the customer was a happy trooper.
Never try hustle a hustler if you ain't got class!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The life of a Trinidadian: no title/the revival

The life of a Trinidadian: no title/the revival

no title/the revival

I really don't know what to write so I'm calling this no title, starting and hoping that something will come to me soon. It was a usual day for me, at least it felt that way, but as the day progressed something didn't feel right something was awry,So i sat there trying to figure out what it was, but couldn't put my finger on it. then i decided to play around with my BlackBerry at least i could put my finger on that and out of the blue like a speeding freight train, it hit me, i was spending way too much time on that BlackBerry device and neglecting a whole lot of other stuff i love, like reading, writing, ham radio and using my computer, so i decided i needed a revival!

I immediately went to the library got a card and borrowed some books, I was on the path to reading again or so i taught, then the next step would be writing, i pondered what should i write? Then i remembered i had started a blog some time aback so that would give me the reason to use the computer. Yes i was well on my way to a revival and it felt so good.

In my free time i was thinking how technology changed my life and i wondered if it was for the better or for the worse on one hand i'm a tech savvy 39 year old father but not content. so i just let my mind wonder on its own, guess what my mind told me? you bought the BlackBerry because you were spending way too much time on the computer so i said to my mind what about my reading then? my mind said you have an e-book reader installed on your BlackBerry that's what its for, reading! so i queried my mind again i said mind what about my writing? my mind laughed and said you have that covered, you write everyday; sending text, sending emails, sending BBM messages and sending tweets on twitter, i was in amazement at the way my mind summed it all up, so there arose the need for another revival.

So i set out for another revival and i had to make this one work. I came up with this, I'm going to write this blog using my computer and after that i use my BlackBerry I'm going to read the books i borrowed from the library and after that i read e-books on my Blackberry and the one thing i can't do on my BlackBerry I'll do it on my computer and what will that be you may ask? the answer is nothing, there is absolutely nothing i cannot do with my BlackBerry so i was right back to where i started with my BlackBerry in hand.