Sunday, March 28, 2010

To the beach, I think!

The day is so hot, I wish I was at the beach today! For some strange reason I can't muster the fortitude to make the trip, so I'm gonna sit here and append to my blog, the famous blog that I have been neglecting for the past, I dunno forever. My boy just asked in a technical manner if we could go I pretended I didn't hear, its about 36deg Celsius but thank God its windy too, otherwise people will be dropping like flies from heat strokes.

Funny enough I don't miss an air condition unit. Lol,

But only in Trinidad & Tobago the neighbor is re doing his roof, he's better off doing it now than when the weather changes and the rain starts pouring.

The guys from the Community are chilling on the corner under the mango tree, enjoying their puncheon rum and smokes, why don't they go to the beach? Its just a matter of minutes away! They probably suffering from the same thing as I am, the I don't feel like going no where syndrome! Any ways I'll hit yall up later on, I gotta go make up my mind and my wifes mind!

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