Monday, June 27, 2011

no title/the revival

I really don't know what to write so I'm calling this no title, starting and hoping that something will come to me soon. It was a usual day for me, at least it felt that way, but as the day progressed something didn't feel right something was awry,So i sat there trying to figure out what it was, but couldn't put my finger on it. then i decided to play around with my BlackBerry at least i could put my finger on that and out of the blue like a speeding freight train, it hit me, i was spending way too much time on that BlackBerry device and neglecting a whole lot of other stuff i love, like reading, writing, ham radio and using my computer, so i decided i needed a revival!

I immediately went to the library got a card and borrowed some books, I was on the path to reading again or so i taught, then the next step would be writing, i pondered what should i write? Then i remembered i had started a blog some time aback so that would give me the reason to use the computer. Yes i was well on my way to a revival and it felt so good.

In my free time i was thinking how technology changed my life and i wondered if it was for the better or for the worse on one hand i'm a tech savvy 39 year old father but not content. so i just let my mind wonder on its own, guess what my mind told me? you bought the BlackBerry because you were spending way too much time on the computer so i said to my mind what about my reading then? my mind said you have an e-book reader installed on your BlackBerry that's what its for, reading! so i queried my mind again i said mind what about my writing? my mind laughed and said you have that covered, you write everyday; sending text, sending emails, sending BBM messages and sending tweets on twitter, i was in amazement at the way my mind summed it all up, so there arose the need for another revival.

So i set out for another revival and i had to make this one work. I came up with this, I'm going to write this blog using my computer and after that i use my BlackBerry I'm going to read the books i borrowed from the library and after that i read e-books on my Blackberry and the one thing i can't do on my BlackBerry I'll do it on my computer and what will that be you may ask? the answer is nothing, there is absolutely nothing i cannot do with my BlackBerry so i was right back to where i started with my BlackBerry in hand.


  1. Blackberry has changed the way I do many things, for the good and the bad. But it is here to stay. Now that we both have blogs going, perhaps we can make a guest appearance on each others page one day!

  2. Yes that sounds like a plan, but let's get this going and gain some popularity and followers first!

  3. Now how do we go about that? I wonder if people will find me interesting enough to come back for a second visit.

  4. We just have to get them interested in what we have to say.