Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Hustlers Hustle

Another day another dollar and today a big one too, probably yens were on their mind, well maybe they was using their minds too much on that day, for the wrong reasons, they wanted to hustle the hustler.

I was wearing my xray vision street smart shades and I could see right through them as I spoke with them, "how can we help you? They asked? To which I replied I needed those things changed as I pointed to the items" everyone involved eyes lit up and they started communicating with their eyes to each other and to me, they didn't realize I knew the language I was a hustler too! But I wouldn't let them know at least not yet.

So the operation started and they were jovial, it was as though Christmas or Carnival was a day or so away, everyone was running around with impact tools, trolley jacks and the new items that were to be used. I went over and talked with them "these haven't been changed in two to three years, the reply was yes they need to be least you have an accident" they were rubbing it in going in for the kill,it was spectacular to look at, everyone working in sync and in harmony and I with my illtimed self spoilt it for me and for them, it was just the street in me reacting to what I saw through my street smart xray vision shades, they were trying to hustle me!

These guys were good and they were smooth with it, they were taking the stuff that they changed and putting in special little place.
These goods were almost new so they coveted them if it was the other way around they'd tell me I'd have to pay for disposal or take them with me. I stepped to the front of the building to smoke me a cigarette and on my way back to the waiting area I spoke to them in a gentle voice "will it be possible to put those things near to my vehicle? It will be easier to load." you're taking them"? that was the booming reply from one of the Reps I Said yes I had too you see I can't pay to have them disposed of so i'll do it myself, no it's quite all right we will do it for you, its ok I got this! was my reply.

The place turned dark, the sparkle from ther eyes faded the glow on their faces was gone the bounce in their steps turned into a dragging of feet and the work to be done though almost done was nearly abandoned. One worker remained working on it and he appeared to be new, it had all gone downhill for me something that was supposed to take half hour was now taking an hour more to complete, just because the greed in them tried to hustle the hustler.

With all that I saw or at least think I could see through the imiginary lenses of my street smart xray vision shades, I didn't see that they had called someone and made arrangements to sell the replaced items, when the lone worker was in the process of finishing off the last one up comes a guy with equipment carrying the same specifications as mines, he was jovial and bouncy, just as they were earlier on but his mood soon changed too, it changed to one of dismay, one of the workers approached me and asked: "so you're really taking the old ones with you?" yes I had too I told him the auditor had to see them and he left. The owner of the similiar equipment came and sat right next to me and a conversation ensued, about the equipment and their repair Then he left I signed my bill soon after and left.
On my way to my office I saw the guy again and we talked again, this time we talked about a transaction to buy the item that I had and he wanted, we came to an amicable agreement and made the exchange cash for me used items for him. He told me that it was better than what he usually gots for the same price, for me it was the best price I got for that quality item. The guys in the shop was left in the cold I ended up with their customer and the customer was a happy trooper.
Never try hustle a hustler if you ain't got class!


  1. It seems like everyone is out to screw people out of their hard earned money anymore. Truly honest dependable people are hard to come by. At least this story had a happy ending, so many don't end that way. Dishonest people really piss me off!

  2. Quite a good visual in your account. Raw and honest. Thanks for sharing. We have to admit to ourselves who and what we are in order to move forward.

    - Lee #BBMorDie

  3. Very nice Dex, too bad we can't use our hustler smiley from BBM... Looking forward to the next post!