Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Women and their mouths

Women always say that men are too secretive and don't confide in them, but there is a reason for this. Y'all talk too much!

I'm not bashing the ladies I love you all to death (wifey I love you ☺ ) but there are things I just can't share with you ladies and won't ask of you.

For instance if I tell one of my male friends something in confidence, it stays between us, tell the same thing to a woman and she tells one of her female friends in confidence and her friend does the same thing and so it will go until it reaches right back to you! By that time it a totally different story.

Women have conversations that lasts for ever and changes from topic to topic, of totally unrelated stuff, ask a woman one question about her hairdresser and you get her life story the hairdressers life story and the life stories of people totally unrelated to what you asked! Yes women's strength is their mouth their weakness is their mouth too.

Reminds me of a little joke I heard, if you want to get a message around you have three options,
1) telegram
2) telephone
3) tell a woman
The latter being the most effective! Ever noticed that when you call 911 who answers the phones or call directory assistance or customer service for some company? Yes the answer is women you already know why, or do I need to say it?

Women have come to the realization that they talk alot or too much, my wife came home from picking our son up from school one day in last week, when I saw her she looked confused, I inquired as to what was the matter, she went on to tell me that she is hearing herself talking, I had to get one in quickly, I told her that was the effect of talking too much and she agreed, I was astounded.
She went on to tell me that she gave one of the parents a lift from the school to a more central location and within the 5 minutes that it took she managed to tell her life story, give a summation on the school and upset her passenger.

The question was: "what do you think of the school?" and that was it she went on about where her husband worked, where our son was supposed to attend school, why he was attending that school and what he accomplished for the three months he have been attending the school, guess what? She wound up putting her foot in her mouth. So the lady ended up leaving upset and my wife realized that she talks too much, all the while she taught the parent wanted to hear these things and she probably wanted but she couldn't handle it and wound up getting her feelings hurt.

Ladies remember if you're asked for your opinion, keep it simple, short and sweet and to the point.

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