Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The fight/she beat them down

She's a beautiful woman! Tall, thick in size not fat well rounded bumper small waist, to put it in a nutshell, she had the coca cola bottle shape with a beautiful face! The kind of woman that any man wouldn't think twice about making his mate, by looking at her you'd never know she was the mother of four kids, but she had a wicked temper, that of some creature from the abyss and the mannerisms of a heard of un-domesticated swines.

Everything was normal on this particular Friday night, the kids were finishing up their chores, the step dad was watching television and the mum was checking over all that the kids was supposed to have already done when she noticed that one of the kids didn't do something that was to be done, even though she had Claim to have done it. The pleasant humming stopped and you heard a bellowing call to the offending child, "Tia"!! The child was frantic, in her mind she was saying: "oh no I've been busted", yes mum I'm coming she answered and what happened after that Could've sold a million in the box office.

She grabbed the child and gave her a whooping/sweet cut ass in Trinidad parlance, but the child was a dramatist! just like her mother, she wouldn't stop screaming even after the whooping had stopped for like ten minutes before, she was looking for an audience and she had gotten it. You see there was other tenants that shared the compound and one was the step dads uncle, everyone affectionately called him uncle S. He came around storming from his apartment with a shovel in hand, "why the hell you beating that child like that?" he shouted to the mother, you better stay out of my business when I'm disciplining my kids, he made a mistake to his demise, he lifted the shovel as if to hit the mother.

She launched at him with the precision, strength and ferocity of a Lioness protecting her cub and he was down she took him up and put him down again this happened for approximately four times, all the while he's crying can somebody help me please! The call was heard by his nephew who taught he was coming to his uncles aid but was met by an angry wild beast, it was as though she sensed him coming and turned with the agility of the wild beast of which she transformed into whenever she was angry or felt threatened, she put uncle S in a head lock you could hear his neck crack, threw him to the ground and leaped forward greeting her lover in mid air with an open palm to the face, he was floored, she stood over them and uttered unintelligible words as if to say I told you never interfere when I'm correcting my kids!

The cops came two hours after, everyone gave their account of what had happened to the police, the investigating officers couldn't help but laugh at the incident asking the two men repeatedly as if to make fun at them, so what did she do to you? Then informed them that there was nothing that they could do but if they wished they could bring civil charges against her, then they left and the feuding parties went back to being one big happy family,' as though nothing ever happened.


  1. Nice Dex, I love it, very entertaining story the cops making fun of the two guys for getting their ass whipped is freaking hilarious!

  2. Thanks Shaun I try to take real stories and put a bit of a Spin on it!