Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How big is your friend circle?

We all have friends, some of us have them in the thousands, but how many of them are really people we interact with?

My friend circle is fairly big it includes msn messenger friends, yahoo messenger friends, Wayn friends twitter friends, google talk friends Facebook friends, BlackBerry messenger friends and real life personal friends, I must say that people from some of these social network sites have made their way into my personal friends category.

Most of these people I have met online apart from the circle of work friends, that I forgot to mention earlier and personal friends, my msn yahoo,Wayn BBM friends etc, are people that I have never met or interacted with physically, is that what friendship has become?

We have people on our Facebook pages that we went to school with, but at school you never spoke in some cases you fought with each other, but for some reason they show up on your friends list, messaging you about the good times you all had at school, are they really trying to connect with you, or are they just glad to see a familiar face on the book?

When I'm going about my business daily I bump into folks that I haven't seen in ages and the way they react and greet you its as though they found a long lost family or friend, when in reality you're neither to them! But for some reason they reach out to you.

So when you minus the people who are acquaintances, minus the cyber friends save the ones that has really made an impact on your life, minus the family that you add as friends on the social networks, eliminate the coworkers you have on your BBM and filter your msn and yahoo messenger list unfollow the unknown on twitter what do you remain with? In my case a few good people that I have come to love and I'm proud to call them my friends!
Friendship is nothing that happens overnight it grows with time and needs alot of nurturing just like any relationship, what I'm getting at is we sometimes come into contact with people and the next thing were saying is they're our friend but really they are our acquaintances! Why are we so obsessed with friendships and always feel the need to have a big circle of friends? I leave that for the scientists to answer, but whatever the obsession, don't matter how many people are in your circle always remember you were born alone you go to sleep alone and you'd die alone no friends.

"If the people you find yourself hanging out with are the same people you work with you need to check yourself, you haven't got a life".
Dexter Harroo


  1. I agree completely with you, but by meeting these digital people it has allowed me to expand the way I think and interact with the real faces. I have grown to appreciate the face to face, not having to wait for a delivery or response (in most cases). To be quite honest I could remove twitter and g+ completely, bbm has a couple I actually interact with, and fb would drop about 20 people. But how well do you really know the people that are in your life?

  2. Awesome post brah! It really got me thinking, who really are my friends? Think I'll be going over my "friends" lists a little more over the enxt few days.