Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another useless app!

Well, They're at it again, why would S4BB build an app that has no apparent use to the BlackBerry community?

Last night I think it was they relesed WifiMonitor and it was free so being the enthusiast that I am I sped over to appworld and downloaded it but I took the opportunity to browse appworld so I didn't test the app until this morning.

The first thing I realized is that the app don't do anything for you that your BlackBerry already does, which is tell you what wifi network you're connected to, the band you're on and the channel, it doesn't tell you the security type your device is using to connect to the router.

So I remembered having SmartWifi installed on my device also made by S4BB, it was now comparison time unlike wifiMonitor,' smartwifi connects you to a hotspot when in range and activates the wifi interface when in range and deactivates it when out of coverage, thus helping to maintain longer battery life.
On closer examination it was evident that smartwifi was Dissected and the loging parts and wifi identification was used to build the waste of time to download and energy to use, so from me they get a *thumbs down* for that creation, I guess that's why its free!

One thing that got me about the app and I'm beginning to believe that is their selling point for it, there is a voice thet comes up when you get connected/disconnected that says, "Connected/Disconnected wifi has" in a *yoda voice* It almost scared me out of my skin when I heard it didn't realize it came from my phone, then I was rotflmao, so they get almost *a thumbs up* for that so for now i'll be keeping it just to hear the Great yoda's. Give it a try you can find it here:

Leave a comment and let me know what you think if I'm over reacting.
Dexter Harroo

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