Thursday, October 13, 2011

The BlackBerry BlackOut.

It was happening for a couple weeks now, but only intermittently, people were satisfied; still we lived with the intermittent service and continued to love our BlackBerry.

On Monday it worsened and by Tuesday it was an epidemic of worldwide proportions it reminded me of the recent movie Contaigon,
everyone you spoke to was affected in some way or the other.

People were complaining on all the social networks from FaceBook to Twitter to the struggling Google+, Iphone and Android users were making fun of us BlackBerry users.

It was a difficult time for many, especially the BES/Corporate users but the crackberry addicts like myself on BIS, was going through withdrawal, you would take out your device and look at it ten times in two minutes. You were missing something, the Alert/Notification you longed to hear or feel the vibration from your BB.

It was like Music to my ear and light to my eyes when I heard the Alert and looked and saw the message on BBM or an Email even a Tweet from my UberSocial App.

It was also funny to see some of the people that are always complaining about getting Broadcast,even they were sending them out, asking silly questions, "am I getting through"! There was also the now infamous, "Send these random numbers to all your contacts and your BB will update" or the famous message from RIM that they ask you to forward so your contacts won't disappear, FOOL if the servers are overloaded Why would RIM tell everyone to spamm a message? Silly Kids! It got so bad that RIM had to write aboiut it on one of their websites
Link here:

I've said all that which brings me to the question; Can you live without your BlackBerry? Let me be the first to answer that.
No I can't live without my BlackBerry, I can't do without any of the services that the friendly Folks @ RIM offer through my Device. I'll even go further and say that a lot of y'all can't live without your BlackBerry Device!
With that said, allow me to introduce myself.
HI, My Name is Dexter and I'm a Berryholic.
Dexter Harroo

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